Campaign Day wins in election run up

CragRats visited Matthew Moss High School to run our Campaign Day, perfect to engage students in everything involved in the 2015 election.

Year 7 learners engaged in group activities where they took part in creating: their own party manifestos; party names; logos; political party broadcasts and a pitch to demonstrate their policy ideas. Groups presented to each other and undertook a ballot to vote for their peers, based on the promotional material produced.

The Labour candidate for Heywood and Middleton Liz McInnes also visited the students and gave a speech explaining the role of an MP. Learners posed questions to Liz regarding migration and the positive and negative aspects of politics as a whole. Liz McInnes then helped develop their manifestos and party ideas covering further questions on a broad spectrum of topics around the political arena.

Labour’s candidate for Heywood and Middleton, Liz McInnes, said: “I want to thank all the staff and pupils at Mathew Moss for inviting me to be part of their election day. I really enjoyed meeting the children and was very impressed with the thought and effort that they put into designing their own political parties. It’s great to see children being taught about important political issues at such a young age and in a way that is fun and interesting for them.”