About Us

We receive incredibly positive feedback about our programmes. One of the most frequent comments refers to the quality of our tutors and their ability to engage, inspire and develop students in the relatively short time they spend with them. This is a fundamental aim of CragRats and is a direct result of our history.

CragRats began as a Theatre-In-Education company delivering targeted programs to great effect, primarily due to the expertise and experience of our tutors in engaging and inspiring young people. Because we have always worked closely with schools and supported them in achieving their objectives, some time ago we began to change what we do. Schools and other education organisations began to ask us for programmes that kept our same style and quality, but focused on new core aims; enterprise education.

We were asked not only to build students’ confidence and develop skills, but also to give them access to new experiences, embed intellectual creativity and problem solving so that they had a chance to develop these skills. We began taking all opportunities to raise aspirations, build awareness and practice the skills and tools needed for successful careers beyond education.

Listening is one of our strengths and our new programmes have been crafted to meet your needs this year and for the years to come. We are happy to change our programmes, happy to change their structure, content and focus, but we will always aim to deliver results in the CragRats style that for nearly three decades has entranced and delighted our young people and enabled them to grow.